My love for the mountains started early in life. On family trips to Fossil Creek reservoir near Ft Collins I remember seeing Longs Peak off to the west horizon and being fascinated. My first backpacking trip was to the Jims Grove just below timberline on the east flank of Long Peak. Years of backpacking, backcountry skiing and technical rock climbing instilled a deep and personal relationship with wild places. Brave Buffalo, a late 19th century Sioux medicine man said that if men would pay more attention to a spot on Earth where they feel a special attraction and, “seek what is best to do in order to make themselves worthy of that which they are so attracted, they might have dreams that purify their soul.”
My first forays into photography were to try to capture the mysterious beauty of the mountain places that I saw on backpacking trips and backcountry skiing excursions and bring them back down into the city to sustain me while I was away from them. Photographers like Shiro Shirahata, Bradford Washburn, Galen Rowell and David Muench were great inspirations.
My photography represents real places, places where the sun and stars trade watch, places where seasons change, places where weather goes from the extreme to the sublime.
When you look at my photography try to envision what it must be like to be there right now at the very moment you are viewing it. What would it sound like there right now, what would it smell like, is there starlight reflecting off new fallen snow, are shadows stretching across the landscape in preparation for sunset? It’s the answers to this question that sustain me when I need it most. These pictures help answer this question and provide a window to a special place right now, and to eternity.

For those interested in purchasing prints.

When I created this WEB site I decided not to use some sort of automated print delivery service. I'm very discerning when it comes to representations of my photography. These are not mass produced copies; I will personally either create or supervise each and every print order using the finest archival material.

If you would like to order a print, I guarantee that I'll make sure it's right and that you are happy with your purchase. Alternatively, if you are in the Denver area, my work is on display at a few galleries around town, Including Denver Photo Art Gallery located at 833 Santa Fe St. Downtown Denver, and can be purchased immediately.

Thanks for your interest!

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